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Why is Jezza going for a (suicidal?) election?

Kevin Walsh / CC-BY-2.0

Good question. When the polls show he is heading backwards? When the Tories could potentially be able to kill off the Brexit Party as the election will be all about delivering Brexit? When the Lib Dems look like they can steal many Remain/revoke votes from Labour, posing as the #RealRemainers? When so many Labour grandees are telling him not to do it: Blair, Campbell, Starmer, Thornberry and now even McDonnell.

Dear DI friends, as we keep telling you: please stop applying logic. This is politics, and Corbynite politics at that, where the thinking goes like this:

1. Corbynistas care less about winning elections than about always maintaining ideological purity.

2. An election gives them the opportunity to seize control of the seat selection process and centrally install a raft of new Corbyn supporting Labour MPs, ridding them of many of the ‘moderate’ millstones in their Parliamentary party.

3. Their cult belief in Jezza’s ‘Magic Grandpa’ election winning properties – “Jez we can”.