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The strategic campaign errors so far

Wikepedia - CC BY-SA 4.0

Some pretty big strategic errors have been made already in this campaign. Here are the worst so far:

Labour – One of the main Tory attack lines on Labour will always be economic competence. But with the Tories adopting similar spending plans to Labour’s 2017 campaign, all Labour needed to do was to copy the Blair/Brown strategy of 1997 and say they would stick to similar spending plans as the Tories, thereby killing off any ability for the Tories to attack them. But no, John McDonnell has promised truckloads of mythical cash for almost every area of government.

SNP – By turning the election into a rerun of the Scottish referendum, they have immediately risked only being able to gather votes from the 44% who voted Yes and helped the Tories to more easily gather votes from the 55% who voted No.

Brexit Party – Despite shaping political debate for the last few years, and perhaps the entire future direction of this country, Nigel Farage has been singularly unsuccessful at winning any seats in Parliament. Meanwhile in almost every EU country, the Brexit Party equivalents have won hundreds of seats in their respective parliaments and sit in coalition governments in at least seven EU countries. What Farage should have done is target a handful of winnable seats – 5, 10 or 15 – and finally established a small power base in Parliament.

Lib Dems – In elections, political parties usually try to broaden their appeal and thus their pool of potential voters. The Lib Dems’ pivot from Remain to Revoke has in fact narrowed the pool of voters that can support them, which in part is why their polling numbers have diminished from their European election high point in May.

Tories – So far, we are struggling to think of one, which in itself could be telling.

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