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The politics of planning appeals

Chris McAndrew / CC by 3.0

These days we are more used to our illustrious MHCLG Secretary of State opining on PPE delivery or lockdown lifting timescales at the daily 5pm No10 press conference or on the 8.10am slot on Radio 4’s Today programme. But Robert Jenrick’s day job is (partly) determining planning appeals, and overall it’s a game of two halves as a football pundit would say.

The Pre-General Election Jenrick – He was a refuser. He regularly refused appeals. In fact the four housing appeals that he determined during November 2019 just prior to the General Election were all refused.

The Post-General Election Jenrick – Now he’s a different sort of guy. He is almost falling over himself to allow housing appeals. In fact he has allowed 10 out of 11 that he has determined since the General Election.

To paraphrase the infamous Mrs Merton question to Debbie McGee (“so what attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels”): what has changed for young Robert since 13 December 2019 that now makes him so keen on allowing housing appeals?