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The Corbyn myth

Wiki commons / CC-by-2.0

The media constantly tell us how close Corbyn is to government. The Corbynistas have been telling us since the 2017 General Election that they are just one more heave away from storming Downing Street.

But the simple reality is that Corbyn is never going to be PM (unless in a future hung Parliament he could stich up a deal with the SNP).

In by-election week after week, in annual local elections year after year, the cold hard electoral reality is slowly settling on the Corbynistas despite them looking the other way with their fingers in their ears.

The fact is that Corbyn is just miles away from ever making it into government. What yesterday’s election reinforces is that if you are delivering to the Marxist vote, even with some residual tribally loyal Labour support and what remains of that being chipped away by the Corbynista’s tying to ride both the Remain and Leave horses at the same time, this just isn’t going to stack up the required number of votes. Do the math!

The broadly accepted best guide to General Election wining potential is that an opposition party needs to be around 2000 council seats ahead of the sitting Government. This is the zone that Thatcher, Blair and Cameron inhabited before winning power. Even William Hague got there in the Blair Government’s dog days.

So where is St Jezza? He’s going backwards and has been in every local election since he won the Labour leadership. He’s not far off 1200 seats behind the Tories. Yesterday he continued heading in the opposite direction, further away from his target.

Let’s just face the truth: having a Marxist anti-Semite as your party leader who has a totally confused policy on the only issue that matters in politics right now ain’t gonna win you a General Election anytime soon.