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Party leaders – Only one is happy

Wikipedia / CC BY 2.0

Question: What have Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and Vince Cable all got in common, but not with Arlene Foster? Answer: Their parties are riven with disagreement that may prove terminal for them whereas Foster’s is united behind her. There’s even a possibility that none of them will still be in post by the next General Election on 5 May 2022. Let’s look over the detail:

The Maybot – Dead once Brexit is delivered. End of.

Anti-Semitic Jezza – Will be the last leader of the Labour Party as we have known it. The post Brexit split is somewhere between highly likely and all but certain. For Labour moderates it is now not a question of stay or go, but of jump or be pushed.

Wee Nicola – The fallout from Salmond-gate will be significant. And the longer you are in power, the more every problem can be blamed on you. The Scots love affair with the SNP has been waning for some time.

Big Vince – Turns out that the Lib Dems don’t like being run by an elderly uncle after all. Vince will be 79 at the next General Election. And even he is trying to change the Party’s rules to widen the potential candidature for his successor.

Arlene – Propping up the Tories has delivered a £1 billion boost for NI so far. More to come by 5 May 2022.