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Labour leadership runners and riders

Sophie Brown / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Imagine if St Jezza of Islington did lose the forthcoming General Election. And imagine if John McDonnell’s noise last week is true that he and Jezza would in that instance step down (now rather countermanded by Jezza if one chooses to believe him). Who would run and who would win the ensuing leadership race?

Here’s a list of who the DI Labour experts think could be the runner and riders:

• Rebecca Long-Bailey – The continuity Corbyn candidate

• Laura Pidcock – Yes, us too. But look her up. She could actually win with union backing

• John McDonnell – Has said he would resign after a loss but you never know

• Emily Thornberry – Unbelievable, but she could be a serious candidate

• Angela Raynor – No seriously, she is being touted

• Lisa Nandy – Quietly very competent but does she have the charisma and the votes?

• Keir Starmer – The moderate candidate of all Blairite Remainers’ fantasies with no hope

• Yvette Cooper – The moderate ghost of leadership elections past

• Jess Phillips – The joke candidate. Come on, she’d be fun