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#GE2019 – Funniest election moments

This election campaign has at times been pretty grim. But there were a few fun moments that made the DI team laugh out loud. Here’s our Top Five:

1. Boris hiding from an interviewer in a fridge (seriously) – here

2. The very ‘woke’ Lily Allen crying at how brilliant the Labour manifesto was (no really, we’re not making this up) – here

3. Our illustrious PM hamming up a scene from Love Actually (again, this really did happen, Putin must be absolutely terrified) – here

4. The mid-election Trump visit for the NATO summit brought this gem on how to brief The Donald – “One of his advisers once told me that trying to get a message into his head before a press conference is like trying to use a sledgehammer. You just have to keep smashing it until it gets into the brain. And you could see the adviser just said, ‘don’t interfere in the election, don’t comment on Corbyn, if they say “the NHS”, say “absolutely not”.’ And you could see he was really trying to stay on message and I find it quite sweet. It’s like watching a child trying to be good."

5. But our favorite moment of all was ‘plant a tree day’, when the parties went through a day long bidding war desperately trying to look really green ending up with Labour’s commitment to plant 2 billion trees – here. The Guido Fawkes website crunched the numbers:

  • This would mean more than 270,000 trees being planted every day for 20 years.

  • Assuming a seven hour working day, that is over 600 trees a minute.

  • That would require 20,000 people planting trees.

  • If each tree requires a planting density of say 10m² per tree, that is 10,000 trees per km², so 27km² a day, which equates to foresting an area the size of Exeter every day for 20 years.

  • After 20 years some 9.5% of the UK land surface would have been forested.

  • The surface area of Britain is 209,331,000,00m². Roughly 70% of Britain is currently agricultural land and around 7% is urbanised for human habitation. Given 13% of Britain is already forest, that means Labour’s tree planting would result in nearly 23% of Britain being forest.

We have been asked by several clients to give presentations in the New Year on the ‘post General Election political landscape’. If you feel this could be useful for your team, please get in touch