About Us

We are a senior team of political campaign experts, drawn from political parties, NGOs, trade unions and community groups.

We only work for clients in the property industry, helping them to get the decision they want, in the timescale they need.


We provide a detailed picture of the often complex political and stakeholder environment surrounding clients’ land or property assets – not simply ‘who’s who’, but the views, priorities and motivations of key decision-makers, and where support or opposition will come from.


We devise and implement bespoke political strategies, which are based on detailed research – on real-time evidence, not well-intentioned historical hunches.


We create trust with local communities and politicians, and specialise in identifying and mobilising local support for development projects. We offer full campaign and consultation support, including: public exhibitions, door-to-door canvassing, stakeholder management, website development and social media.

asset protection

We protect our clients' property assets from unwelcome competition.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you navigate the politics of property.